30-Piece Porcelain Ceramic Tableware Dinner Set


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30-Piece Ceramic Porcelain Dinner Plate Set 
Type:  30-Piece Set
Origin: China
Material:  Porcelain
Color:  Ivory White
Pattern:  Little Red and Orange Flower
Dimension:     4" Cup                  L*W*H:10.2*8*6.7cm Volume:220ml/7.5oz Weight:175g
                        6" Saucer              L*W*H:14.7*14.7*1.7cm Weight:173g
                     7.5" Dessert Plate    L*W*H:19.2*19.2*2cm Weight:361g
                     8.5" Soup Plate        L*W*H:21.5*21.5*3.8cm Volume:180ml Weight:431g
                     9.75" Dinner Plate    L*W*H:24.7*24.7*2.2cm Weight:660g
6 * 4" Cup
6 * 6" Saucer
6 * 7.5" Dessert Plate
6 * 8.5" Soup Plate

HEALTHY MATERIAL, EASE OF USE - Made in china of fine porcelain, friendly and harmless, FDA certified, non-lead and non-cadmium.
DURABLE AND STURDY IN STRUCTURE - Fired in high temperature, not easy to be broken. Safe in oven, freezer, dishwasher and microwave.
ELEGANT AND EXQUISITE APPEARANCE - Solid color with smooth black lines, simple style design easily matches existing dinnerware in kitchen.
MULTI PURPOSE AND WIDE APPLICATION - Have excellent use at any family get-together, restaurant, formal banquet or just for daily use.
PERFECT AFTER-SALE SERVICE - Received any broken or chipped items, feel free message us, professional team will solve problems for you.

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