LED MiniCube Desktop Aquarium Kit Black 1.6 Gallon 1.6 Gallons


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Aqueon LED MiniCube Desktop Aquarium Kit Black 1.6 Gallon 1.6 Gallons

Brand: Aqueon

Color: Black


  • Size 1.6 plastic aquarium with elevated base
  • Contoured hood with feeding hole and soft touch LED lighting
  • Includes low voltage internal filter with carbon cartridge
  • Hood includes a convenient feeding hole
  • Soft touch LED lighting
  • Ideal for betta or small tropical fish
  • Kit includes: plastic aquarium, internal filter, filter cartridge, food and water conditioner sample and setup guide

model number: 100532672

Part Number: 100532672

Details: The Aqueon MiniCube 1.6 desktop aquarium kit is a great starter kit for all ages. Its contoured design gives it a contemporary look, while being small enough to place in any office or bedroom. This aquarium is ideal for a single betta or a few small tropical fish. Includes LED lighting, an elevated base, internal filter with extra small replaceable cartridge, food and water care samples and easy-to-follow setup guide. Aqueon products offers a wide range of items so that you can build and maintain a healthy aquatic environment. All the essentials from fish tanks, filters, lighting, food, care, and other supplies that your pet fish needs. We make it easy for you to get your first aquarium and to grow in the hobby as you become more of a fish expert with every step you take and every new thing you learn. For those seasoned hobbyists, we are committed to aquarium product innovation so that we continue to offer products that get you excited. With the Aqueon brand, it's all about the fish.

EAN: 0015905000673

Package Dimensions: 13.0 x 11.3 x 11.0 inches

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