ArtPix 3D - Custom Laser Engraved 3D Photo Crystal - Rectangle - Medium - Portrait Orientation | Best Mother’s Day Gift


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Brand: ArtPix 3D

Color: Crystal


  • 💎 Crystal Dimensions: 2.75" × 2.36" × 3.93"
  • FREE 2D TO 3D CONVERSION - Once you upload your photo, our designers will transform it into a breathtaking 3D image using cutting-edge conversion software. FREE BACKGROUND REMOVAL - to highlight the key figures on your photo. FREE PERSONALIZATION - add personalized text and we’ll engrave a custom message at no extra charge.
  • PHOTO SELECTION - Use a clean, bright, high-resolution photo. Background will be removed and the image will be transformed from 2D to 3D. Please, follow the suggestion about the recommended number of faces. Portraits and half-body shots tend to yield the most impressive results. Try to avoid photos taken from a bird’s eye view or other unusual angles. For the best results we may need to slightly alter the size or position of your image to make it a better fit.
  • IMPORTANT - Recommended number of figures on a photo for the Medium Crystal: 1-3. If you exceed this limit, the crystal will be engraved in 2d format.
  • 3D LASER ENGRAVING - We use innovative laser technology to create a beautifully detailed image inside your crystal without damaging the exterior. This subsurface engraving method ensures your photo won’t fade over time. 3D engraving ADDS DEPTH AND MOTION - When you view your personalized crystal from the front, you’ll see a realistic 3D image. View it from the back, and your engraving will come to life in a stunning optical illusion that appears to follow your gaze.
  • PERFECT GIFTS FOR ANY OCCASION - If you’re shopping for a unique gift to celebrate a holiday, birthday, or personal achievement, look no further. Our 3D Crystal Rectangle lets you turn a special portrait of a person or pet into a luxury keepsake guaranteed to wow your loved ones! Crystal is a great present for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, childbirth, birthday, anniversary, Christmas, and any other memorable event. Treat your family or friends with our 3D Photo Crystals.
  • Our personalized 3D Crystal products are made of HIGH-QUALITY K9 Crystal. It is optically clear and free from impurities, which makes it perfect for showcasing 3D engraved images. It is highly durable, and even after a lifetime of use, crystals never lose their original shine.
  • Our 3D Crystals could be purchased together with WOOD LIGHT BASES made from durable wood and equipped with brilliant white and color-changing LEDs. They are designed to illuminate and enhance the minutest details in your unique photo engraving.

Binding: Kitchen

Details: Looking for the perfect MOTHER’S DAY gift? Turn a favorite family photo into a one-of-a-kind keepsake she’ll treasure forever! This breathtaking crystal is custom-made to showcase your mom’s best memories in realistic 3D. We use innovative laser engraving technology to recreate your favorite photos with lifelike depth and detail inside our high-quality crystals. This luxury keepsake makes the perfect gift for birthdays, graduations, and holidays. Be sure to add a light base to make your 3D image stand out at any time of day or night! BRING YOUR PHOTOS TO LIFE. Our 3D Crystal Rectangle is more than just a unique way to display your favorite photos. It’s an innovative piece of crystal art that lets you see your most precious memories in mesmerizing 3D. You’ll never want to go back to ordinary picture frames!

Package Dimensions: 39.4 x 39.4 x 19.7 inches

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