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This is the ultimate kitchen appliance if you love baking and cooking. Our Hand Whisk offers functionality at your fingertips!

With an impressive 100W motor and turbo- setting you can effortlessly whisk, mix and knead effortless to bake and cook. The improved speed settings are all thumb operated, meaning the device is super easy and convenient to use.

7 Speed Settings
Seven impressive and improved speed settings and turbo- setting allows you to achieve high quality results from your Hand Whisk as you can select what speed suits your ingredients.
For whipping cream and egg whites our speed seven would be great whilst a slower speed would suit stirring gravies and mashing vegetables.
With seven speeds plus a turbo- boost this mixer allows you to adjust the power as required - from the lightest souffles to the toughest of dough mixtures this is the mixer your kitchen deserves!

The Hand Whisk also benefits from a compact and light weight design that allows you transport it easily.
All of the accessories included with the hand mixer are all dishwasher safe and easy to clean, leaving you more time to bake and less time scrubbing.

Ultra Power Electric Kitchen Mixer 6.7 Tools

• A set of egg beaters 
• A set of stirring rods  
• 1x Pure copper power cord
• 1x Electric Hand Whisk

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