DIY 5D Diamond Embroidery Painting Rose Flower Needlework

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5D Needlework Diy Diamond Painting Cross Stitch Pink Rose Diamond Embroidery
100% Brand New and High Quality!
It is 5d diamond embroidery, flowers need fill out diamonds.

Items included:
1. Enough the resin diamonds.
2. A4 Model HD drawings (including drawings, color table)
3. Used to clip gum drill tweezers, plastic tray.

Pattern Type:Floral
Pasting Area:Partial
Diamond Shape:Round
Canvas Packing Method:Rolled Up
External Packaging:Paper Bag
Number of Colors:1-30
Types:5D Diamond Embroidery Rose cross Stitch Rose

Notice: All the size are measured by hand ,so please allow 1-3 cm differ

About Product:
1. Details about product figure
The pictures below are the details of the product will figure,
is the actual, the owner was not finished product figure,
for buyer reference! thank you
2. About the packing :
We in order to better protect the picture from the crease,
we adopt the pearl bar scroll forms. Pearl bar in painting play a supporting role,
won't cause the picture crease.It doesn't hurt, rest assured shopping.
So far, no customers reflect the scratches.
3. Paste diamond:
1.Open the product suite,according to color lined up diamonds and organize all the tools.
2.When you start , only need lift a small part of the release paper, in order to avoid other regional sticky dust affect the
3.Paste the diamond into the corresponding grid (according serial number).
4. The diamond after Paste being completed, which makes diamond bonding surface more solid .after this step, your work is done!

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