Blackout Curtain Star Printing Boy Girl Bedroom Living Room Eyelet Drape

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Fashionable and European and American style curtains Blackout Curtain Star Printing Boy Girl Bedroom Living Room Eyelet Drape 1PCS (Hello, I suggest that you buy 2 pieces of curtain, pull the window on the left and right side)
Sound Sleeps, Day or Night
Having trouble falling asleep as the streetlight streaming in your room?
Find it impossible to nap in the day with the strong sunlight on your face?
We specialize in crafting ready-made top-quality blackout curtains so that you can have deep, quiet, and undisturbed sleep.
Available in a variety of simple modern colors, all-season curtains offer more décor possibilities, adding a neat, elegant, and pleasant touch to any settings.
Quieter, Absolute Darkness and Privacy
Sleep tight with the closed curtains to block out light and noises.
Pick darker colors if you prefer a pitch-dark rest zone and lighter colors for your living room and office to better view TVs and movies.
Featuring 100% polyester top and back fabric interwoven with high-density black yarn, curtains impede up to 99% light, allowing no view-through for absolute privacy.
Energy-saving Triple Weave Fabric
Thermal-insulated microfiber fabric forms a solid barrier against the summer heat and winter chills, sheltering your room with balanced temperature and cutting back on energy loss.
Stay cozy on a smaller energy bill and be happy with a greener footprint. further, our curtains also protect your furniture, floors and art collections from the damages of the UV rays.
Easy Care
curtains are machine washable. Just throw in the washing machine and you will have brand new curtains, again.
--Machine washable, wash below 30 °C / 86 °F
--Gentle cycle, do not bleach, tumble dry low
--Warm iron
Due to different screen display, the colors of the actual item may vary slightly from the above images.
1Unique Starry Sky Design: A full panel of punched out stars on these blackout curtains decorate your windows with a fantastic style. Image your kids sleep soundly in the starlight just like the angels
2The product only includes one piece of curtain, if you want one panel on each side of your window, please order 2 pieces
- Due to the reason of measurement, plus or minus 5cm error is permissible
3Light and Noise Blocking: Triple weave featuring high-density dark yarn lowers noises by 20-30 dB and reduces 85% - 99% light and UV ray, the darker the color, the better the blackout
4Energy-saving and Baby Safe: Heavy microfiber materials insulate your home against the weather of, the balance of the room temperature on a smaller energy bill; moreover, the high quality fabric free of chemicals, toxics, and smell provides a safe, private , and cozy rest zone for your kids
5Lifelong Reliability: Machine washable, Anjee curtains are easy to care and built to last; covered by lifetime guarantee and hassle-free customer service
Product Details:
Product Dimensions:
Size(L x W x H): Large: 250.00 x 100.00 x 0.10 cm
Small:130.00*100.00 cm*0.10cm

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