Hand Crafted Wood Djembe Hand Drum 16 inch Tall

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A djembe, originally from West Africa, is a rope-tuned goblet drum with a tight skin cover and played with bare hands. The name, djembe, comes from the saying which translates to everyone gather together in peace, defining the drum's purpose. Hand crafted with playability in mind, this 15.75 inch tall, 7.5 inch diameter drum is a smaller version of the traditional drums, making it a perfectly portable size for traveling to festivals, back-packing, camping or for your local drum circle. It features a mahogany stained finish with a decorative hand carved design at the foot. The drum is hand-tightened using nylon cord, and additional nylon cord is braided to make a handle. This gorgeous drum looks great as a decorative piece, but is also quite playable! NOTE: Because each djembe is hand-crafted, no two will be exactly alike and yours will differ slightly from the one pictured.

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