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Type: Crystal Door Window
Material: Plexiglass
Color: Black 
Length: 1 meter

【Production line】Beads curtain special plastic film rust-proof steel wire, crystal line.
【Production spacing】Generally interval 3-5cm hanging one, 3cm the most effect, 4cm standard spacing, 5CM economic choice.
【Bead curtain】Bead curtain can replace the wall and glass, as the indoor light, breathable soft partition, the stars effectively expand the space. Restaurants and living room space division or entrance can be used like this seems to have no partition, not only divided into areas, does not affect the lighting, better reflect the beautiful.
【Advantages】Full of non-winding, cut more flash, brighter, simple design without losing the atmosphere, both space isolation function, and no walls give people a sense of hard gas.
【Scope】 Crystal bead curtains are generally suitable for indoor living room, bedroom room, restaurant (kitchen), shoe cabinet, screen, entrance, bathroom (toilet), aisle, do partition decoration. Many parents can hand DIY hanging lights curtains, curtains, curtains, bed curtains, also applies to clothing shop window, wedding room, wedding, new home decoration, feng shui problems, exhibition layout.

Note: It is only 1 strand.

Package included: 1 pcs String

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