Sake Set,Traditional Japanese Sake Cup Set Hand Painted Redplum blossom Design

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Sake Set,Traditional Japanese Sake Cup Set Hand Painted Red plum blossom Design Porcelain Pottery Ceramic Cups Crafts Wine Glass

1. Hand-Drawn Red plum blossom,Ingenious Bottle-Mouth Design Prevents Water Leakage.
2.After many years' reserch, Japanese engineers and technicians developed the distinctive environmental protection new material of pottery, which is been firing under high temperature.
3.The firing temperature is 1330 degrees Celsius, All the harmful metal(lead) which in the clay has completely burn out; Homemade secret recipe of the glaze.
4.Non-toxic, tasteless, lead-free, and none the effect of bright color.
5.Japanese technology, made in China.

Package include:
1 x "Red plum blossom" Design Sake Pot
6 x Cups
(Package with Original box)

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