SLADE Fashion High-quality Cupronickel Flute Musical Instrument


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SLADE Fashion High-quality Cupronickel Flute Musical Instrument
Main Features:
● 16 holes plus E key, key French, Italian pads, high-grade leather box, imported white Italian range
● Brass body stainless steel needle springs application: professional grading entertainment, learn to play
● The flute in this paragraph with French technology, precision assembly, strict testing, mouthpiece responsive, precise intonation, fluent voice, deep and mellow tone
● Use of high-grade imported Italian mat ( double casing )
● Mat fitted with cold and difficult to deformation, durable
● Key sub using copper-nickel alloy material, shape design, durable ergonomically, each product have been carefully adjusted, natural feel comfortable while playing
● The contact point imported high-grade special flute advanced natural felt muted
● Vents full use of advanced cold drawn technology, does not change the metal structure to ensure a higher degree of intonation and beautiful tone
Package weight: 1.169 kg
Package Contents: 1 x Flute, 1 x Screwdriver, 1 x Piano Cloth, 1 x Strip, 1 x Fabric Black Box, 1 x Cork Cream, 1 x English Instruction

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