1.3L 304Stainless Steel Wine Ice Bucket Double Walled Beer Cooler

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Ice Bucket Stainless Steel Includes Tongs,Tid,Carry Handle
Ice is an essential component of everything from the humble gin and tonic to the most elaborate and exotic of cocktails. Whether youchoose to make your own cubes or prefer to buy a bag in, this ice bucket from Velaze will help keep any party on track for success.

✔IDEAL GOOD CAPACITY UP TO 1300ML:Great when having friends round,Fits one full size bottle or 2 to 3 small bottles depending on how much ice is in the bucket.It is easy to carry and perfect for home,small gatherings,BBQs,picnic,parties,bars,clubs,restaurant and some outdoor activities.
✔COMES WITH LIDS,HANDLE AND TONGS:The lid is solid,and the handle is fitted and adjustable making it easy to move from place to place The ice tongs fitting inside the lid is an added bonus,you can have the tongs tweezers(in the lid) when not in use,tongs for easy ice removal.
✔GOOD QUALITY AND NICE-LOOKING ITEM: It is compact and well made with stainless steel material and chrome finish,which is more durable;Decent shape and colour,attractive design that looks good ;It isn't dull colored either and looks beautiful under the light.An ideal gift!
✔DOUBLE WALLED AND INSULATED BUCKET PAIL:Ice stays frozen for hours,which keeps your drinks( wine or champagne)and fruits refreshingly cool.The ice container is a perfect addition to any social event.
✔EASY TO CLEAN AND CARRY:It is dishwasher safe,a good complement with cocktail shaker.Notice: The handle required you to adjust it in correct position. The handles are sturdy where the connect to the bucket and are a good place to keep the tongs.

The bucket, lid, handle and matching tongs are all made from high quality grade 304 stainless steel
The stainless steel ice bucket perfect for wine,bottle,beer,freezer,champagne,parties,bars,clubs, home,hotel,small gatherings,BBQs,picnic,kitchen
Two layers of stainless steel deliver the insulation your ice needs to stay frozen for longer
Plenty of room to store a party-sized amount of ice.It is easy to carry and perfect for home,small gatherings,BBQS,picnic,parties,bars,clubs,restaurant and some outdoor activities.

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