3 Tier 11 Inch Stainless Steel Steamer Set Cookware Pot Saucepot Double Boiler


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Our steamer can satisfy your full cooking needs! Composed with 1 pot,2 steamer pots, 2 septa and a lid, you can use it as a stockpot or combine these components into different steamers. And please assured that our steamer uses high-quality stainless steel, providing you with a durable and healthy cooking tool. In addition, the reflux design of the steaming grid and multi-layer composite material bottom make your food evenly heated and delicious. With its anti-scald handles, don't worry about hurting your hands when holding the pot. It is also worth mentioning that the steamer can be compatible with a variety of stoves, including gas ,electric and so on.


  • Stainless steel material, durable and sturdy

  • Large enough cooking space to meet your daily cooking needs

  • Multi-Layer Bottom makes the steamer evenly heated

  • Transparent tempered glass cover for easy observation of the internal situation

  • Reflux design keeps the food with a good taste

  • Ergonomic handles keep your hands from getting burned

  • Dishwasher safe components save your energy when cleaning

  • Compatible with a variety of stoves, satisfy diverse cooking styles

  • 3-tier stainless steel steamer fully meets your daily cooking needs

  • Specification

  • Color: Silver

  • Material: Stainless Steel+ Tempered Glass

  • Overall Dimension:14.5''x11''x15.5''(L x W x H)

  • Size of Top Tier: 11 '' W x3.5'' H

  • Size of Mid Tier: 11'' W x 3.5'' H

  • Size of Bottom Tier: 11'' W x6.5 '' H

  • Diameter of Small Steaming Grid:10''

  • Diameter of Large Steaming Grid:10.5''

  • Large Steamer Capacity: 8QT

  • Capacity of Each Steamer Pot: 3.6QT

  • Item Weight: 5lbs

  • Package includes:

  • 1X 3 Tier Stainless Steel Steamer

  • 2X Septum


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