600ML Ultrasonic Cleaner Mini Portable Washing Machine Small Ultrasound Dishwasher Use

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Item Description 

Product Description
Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner,stainless steel,600ml

Features & Details 

  • 【PREMIUM QUALITY】 - This jewelry cleaner is constructed with sturdy 304 stainless steel and ABS plastic, ensuring no water leakage and long service life. Four anti-skid foot pads keep the machine stable and reduce noise. Heat dissipation holes are designed for overheat protection.
  • 【DEEP CLEANING】 - 50kHz ultrasonic frequency and industrial-grade transducer allow the sonic jewelry cleaning machine to quickly clean small items with complex construction or irregular shape. The cleaner provides 360-degree efficient deep cleaning to remove dirt and oil.
  • 【HIGH-CAPACITY TANK】 - Our jewelry cleaning machine is equipped with a 600ml/20.29oz tank, offering enough capacity for multiple stuff to meet your daily needs. Its compact design makes it convenient to carry and store. You can also take the cleaner with you when traveling.
  • 【ONE-BUTTON OPERATION】 - The jewelry cleaner ultrasonic features a one-touch control button to start the 5-minute automatic cleaning. To have a better cleaning result, you can add some detergents and alkaline cleaners, such as hand sanitizer, soap, and dishwashing liquid.
  • 【EXTENSIVE APPLICATION】 - Having passed CE certification, our sonic jewelry cleaner is ideal for commercial, industrial, and residential use. The device is suitable for dental clinics, hardware stores, scientific laboratories, jewelers, optical shops, watchmakers, antique dealers, etc.

Key Features


    ABS & 304 Stainless Steel


    This ring cleaner machine comprises a 304 stainless steel tank and ABS plastic shell with anti-skid foot pads, designed for durable use and easy cleaning.

    50kHz Ultrasonic Frequency


    The powerful transducer generates 50kHz ultrasonic waves, creating millions of microscopic cleansing bubbles that powerfully remove dirt and grime on the surface and gap.

    600ml/20.29oz Tank Capacity


    The ultrasonic jewelry cleaner machine features a compact size with a large 600ml/20.29oz capacity. You can put the cleaner in the cabinet or suitcase.

    Excellent Cleaning Effect


    Our jewelry cleaner ultrasonic machine does well in cleaning stuff with complex shapes, holes, or long-time stains, making your possessions shine again.

    5 min Automatic Cleaning


    The jewelry cleaner machine is designed with one button for simplified operation. Press the button to start, and it will automatically shut off after 5 minutes.

    Versatile Cleaning Field


    Perfect for home or professional use, our ultrasonic ring cleaner is widely used to clean jewelry, glasses, waterproof watches, dentures, shaver heads, etc. For deep cleaning, you can use professional ultrasonic cleaning solution or alkaline cleaners such as hand sanitizer, soap, dishwashing liquid, etc., and clean multiple times.
Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner,stainless steel,600ml
600ml Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner 
This glasses cleaner machine is built with sturdy 304 stainless steel and ABS plastic, making it an efficient machine for daily or professional cleaning work. Our ultrasonic denture cleaner will emit 50kHz ultrasonic waves to wash dirt on your valuables' surface and crevice deeply. With one-button operation, the professional jewelry cleaner is ideal for cleaning jewelry, eyeglasses, watches, dentures, makeup brushes, etc. 
  • Premium Quality
  • Deep Cleaning
  • High-Capacity Tank
  • One-Button Operation
  • Tank Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Shell Material: ABS Plastic
  • Tank Capacity: 600 ml/20.29 oz
  • Frequency: 50kHz
  • Power: 15W
  • Driving Voltage: 12V
  • Voltage: 110/220V
  • Model: MK-186
  • Color: Green,Black,White
  • Tank Size (L*W*H): 7.09"x2.76"x2.17"/180x70x55 mm
  • Item Size (L*W*H): 9.25"x3.74"x2.76"/235x95x70 mm
Package Content 
  • 1 x Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • 1 x Glasses Cloth
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Manual

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