Aluminum Half Size Deep Foil Pan 30 packs Safe for use in freezer, oven, and steam table.pen,12 1/2" x 10 1/4" x 2 1/2" (-36 gauge-!)


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Brand: DCS Deals

Color: Silver


  • HAVE YOUR MEALS COOKED EVENLY FROM SIDE TO SIDE - No more dealing with charred meats or partially-cooked pastries. We’ve used premium-grade aluminum to create disposable hot food pans that allow for optimal air flow and ensure superior heat conductivity. Bake or cook everything from cakes, brownies, cookies, lasagna, chicken, to casseroles and enjoy perfectly cooked food that looks great and tastes delicious.
  • KEEP FOOD FRESH FOR LONGER – Whether you like to promote your food business by serving take-out foods in an almost dine-in condition or you just want to keep the meals you cooked clean and fresh, then you need these nine by thirteen silver foil pans. These handy containers can ensure that the dishes remain hot until you need them served.
  • COMPLETELY VERSATILE AND MULTI-PURPOSE - Although these foods serving containers are best used for cooking and serving food, they are also being used for organizing things at home. Use them to keep your sewing materials or hide your medicines, organize your tools in garage. You can even use them to create other beautiful DIY crafts like Christmas lanterns or toy houses! The uses are endless!
  • Aluminum Half Size Deep Foil Pan 30 packs Safe for use in freezer, oven, and steam table.pen,12 1/2" x 10 1/4" x 2 1/2" (-36 gauge!-) made in the USA

Binding: Kitchen

Details: SUPERIOR QUALITY 9 BY 13 INCH FOOD KEEPING DISPOSABLE STORAGE CONTAINERS! 40 GAUGE!!! Premium Quality Steam Pans for Your Daily Needs These Deep Foil Aluminum Containers are ideal for small take-outs, side dishes, baked pastries, and food businesses. Not only do they hold and serve food, they also lock in heat to preserve the freshness of food. Cooking and preparing meals for your family and friends has never been easier with our sturdy containers! Product Features: ☑ Sold by Packs of 30 ☑ Half-Size 9X13” inch ☑ Superior Quality Aluminum ☑ Great for Catering and Food Service Businesses ☑ Disposable and Eco-Friendly ☑ Keeps Food Fresh for Longer ☑ Oven and Freezer Safe ☑ Perfect for Take-Outs and Parties ☑ Convenient to Use and Affordable Help Clean the Environment! Everywhere you look, there is garbage. Having said that, do you want to contribute to the amount of trash you see? Of course, not! That is the reason we introduced these disposable and eco-friendly Half-Size Steam Pans . If you wish to use them in the future, simply wash them like your ordinary non stick metal frying pans. But if you decide to get rid of them, roll them over and dispose. Versatile for All Dishes and Purposes! Are you serving fried dishes, stew, or soup? Don’t worry. These trays will work perfectly fine for almost all sorts of food. Because of its pan-shape, it can effectively hold up liquid, making it ideal for foods with sauce. Great for Camping and Outdoor BBQ’s! Feel free to use these containers in packing lunch or dinner for your family members while in the woods. Since they’re light, carrying them in and out to your outdoor barbecue party should not be a problem. Get your own set of Half-Size Pans today and be among the thousands of satisfied customers who keep on coming back! Hurry, stocks are selling fast.

Package Dimensions: 15.7 x 12.7 x 7.6 inches

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