Bug Zapper,Electric Mosquito Zappers/Killer - Insect Fly Trap, Powerful Insect Killer


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Bug Zapper,Electric Mosquito Zappers/Killer - Insect Fly Trap, Powerful Insect Killer,Mosquito lamp, Electronic UV Lamp for for Indoor, Child,Electronic Light Bulb Lamp for Backyard, Patio (Black)

Brand: Dekugaa

Color: black


  • KEEP INSECTS AT BAY — Annoyed by bugs and mquitoes that spread nasty diases? While tritional thods like citnella sticks or eseial oils sound azing, they don’t see much purpose, and chemcals or toxic fumes coul have aerse healh impact — elinate all flyig nasties the art way, and spend lazy evengs loungg whout gettig biten/stung – simply use our mquito killer lamp (UV)!
  • ADVANCED MOSQUITO KILLER — Electric squito killer uses 365 Nm wavelgth ultriolet light-emiing bulb that lures insects in and then imdiately zaps them with a 110 V electric shock. UV mquito killer lamp feures a serior power supply tenology and an effeive multi-fated prottion ciuit that helps save up to 20% electricity.
  • SAFE AND NON-TOXIC — Unlike poisos and chemicals that can potentially harm children, pets, preant men and elderly, our UV light mosquito killer doesn’trelease any bad smell, dangerous fumes, or lethal subans into your living virment. Indoor UV mosquito killer is also relately quiet, thereby suring a good night’s sleep. And with an ABS round grid body oside, it proves much safer for a place where you have kids or pet.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND BEAUTIFUL — Bug zapper collects the dead insects at the boom of the tray that can be effolessly moved for cleaning, while its tough ABS plastic body is not just resistant to breaking, but looks elegnt and nimal! Bessquito killer can be used in the kitchen, beoom, living room, dining rom, and more!(away from rain andoisture)

Package Dimensions: 12.3 x 5.7 x 5.6 inches

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