Cat Tree Modern Pet Toy Scratching Post Grey Cat Tower Climbing Frame

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Cat Tree Modern Pet Toy Scratching Post Grey Cat Tower Climbing Frame


- Multi-use activity center with condo hideaway perches - Posts with sisal ropes promote your cat's natural instinct to scratch and save your furniture - Soft and comfortable plush fabric makes it the perfect retreat easy to clean - Solid particle board construction built to withstand long term use - Lightweight and portable so it can be moved from one location to another - Easy to assemble with instructions and hardware included


- Color: Grey - Material: Particle Board Sisal Rope Plush - Overall Dimension: 19.7"Lx19.7"Wx50.4"H - Net Weight: 30.8lbs Our Cat Tree offers a whole different level of excitement. This cat tree serves as a closed space for your cat to enjoy, allowing your kitty to maintain a sense of security. It is made from highly durable compressed wood, wrapped with Faux Fur finish. This castle features one condo and two elevated platforms. With their many entertaining features they promote exercise and play that helps keep a cat looking and feeling healthy. They provide a comfortable haven for security and rest especially for timid cats that may need extra reassurance of their safety.


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