Chemical Guys Foam Gun Car Wash & Wax Bundle with TORQ Foam Blaster


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Chemical Guys Foam Gun Car Wash & Wax Bundle with TORQ Foam Blaster, Maxi Suds II Car Wash Soap and Blazin' Banana Sprayable Car Wax (3 Items, 32 Fl oz)

Brand: Chemical Guys


  • Foamy fun: If you love cars, then a clean car brings you nothing but happiness. The Torq foam blaster 6 foam wash gun makes cleaning your car fast, easy and fun for the entire family. It easily hooks up to any standard hose, so there are no additional tools or machines required to produce foamy cleaning fun
  • The Detailer's Secret: Car wash foam is one of the professional’s secrets to a scratch free car wash. The Torq foam blaster foam gun turns a car wash into a foam bubble bath for your car. Bathing a car with slick car wash foam removes abrasive dirt particles gently and without grinding them into paintwork
  • High performance all purpose cleaner
  • Cuts through heavy dirt, grime and road filth
  • Provides wet, deep finish to any color paintwork

Binding: Product Bundle

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