Commercial Cold Beverage Dispenser Stainless Steel Fruit Juice 2 Tanks 6.4 Gallon Ice Tea Drink


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Item Description 

Product Description
cold beverage dispenser, dual tank, 24L

Features & Details 

  • 【PREMIUM QUALITY】- BPA-free food-grade PC tank ensures sanitary, distinguishes from those crisp and fragile ABS/AS tanks. Thickened SUS body with mirror finish is of top-grade rigidity. Rust-less and durable for long-time use, allowing an easier cleaning and less complicated maintenance.
  • 【LARGE CAPACITY】- With double tanks (12L/3.2 US Gal per tank), this juice dispenser can hold a great number of drinks. The broadened mixing leaf reduces sediment and stirs drinks 360-degree. Rubber gasket prevents juice leakage from the motor.
  • 【HIGH EFFICIENCY】- Featuring all-copper-tube condenser and high-quality compressor, this juice dispenser cools fast with high efficiency. It can maintain the drink into an appropriate taste between 41-53.6℉ (5-12℃). Simple switches on its back conveniently set cooling and stirring function.
  • 【CONSIDERATE DETAILS】- The bottom of the drink dispenser is equipped with a large drip tray to avoid water outflow, which can be taken apart for easy cleaning; The faucet features springs to ensure that the water hardly leaks after use; venting holes on three sides designed to help quickly dissipate heat.
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】- This commercial multifunctional juice dispenser is convenient for prosperous catering businesses, such as chain restaurants, convenience stores, hotels, gym clubs, etc., to contain different kinds of drinks, including soybean milk, milkshake, juice, cocktail, yogurt, coffee, etc.

Key Features


    Food-Grade Material


    BPA-free and shock-proof food-grade PC containers distinguish from those fragile ABS/AS tanks. 3-layer machine body with a fancy appearance and enhanced rigidity. Stainless steel evaporator for excellent cooling effect.

    Large Capacity Tank


    Beverage dispenser, with dual tanks, 12L (3.2 US Gal) per tank, compact while strong in performance. Broadened stirrers enable more efficient 360° agitation. Rubber sealing gaskets eliminate juice leakage.

    Efficient Refrigeration


    The all-copper-tube cooling condenser and high-performance compressor are adopted, providing rapid cooling. The high-end temperature controller maintains an appropriate taste between 41-53.6℉ (5-12℃).

    Convenient Buttons


    With separate switches to independently control the mixing and cooling. The mixing switch for avoiding the sediment down to the bottom of the tank.

    Humanized Design


    The drip tray can be taken apart without effort for easy cleaning; Special designed drink outlets with spring for effortless use; Multiple air vents for fast heat dissipation.

    Wide Application


    This beverage dispenser is suitable for holding soybean milk, milkshake, juice, cocktail, yogurt, coffee, etc. Widely used in prosperous catering businesses, including chain restaurants, convenience stores, hotels, etc.
cold beverage dispenser, dual tank, 24L

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