Crinkle Paper Cat Tunnel for Indoor Cats, Unbreakable Cat Cave Tunnel Toy


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Crinkle Paper Cat Tunnel for Indoor Cats, Unbreakable Cat Cave Tunnel Toy, Cat Hideaway Tube Tunnel Toys, Rabbit Hideaway Bunny Hideout

Brand: Petism

Color: Brown


  • UNBREAKABLE: Sewn from Germany imported 0.55MM thick kraft paper—a strong tear resistance new material. It is a durable crinkle cat toy for indoor cats even with the most aggressive cat (Tiger, Lion or Leopard may have a try to destroy it).
  • CAT’S INSTINCT: Cats are born predators, and their prey often hides in tiny caves, that’s why they are curious with every corner of your house. In the eyes of a cat, a crinkle paper tunnel is a place full of opportunities.
  • FUNNY CRINKLE CAT TOY: Cat tunnels for indoor cats are good for cats to release their excessive energy, The cat tunnel make a rustling sound when cats touch it, which will make the curious creature always busy.
  • WASHABLE CAT TUNNEL: Made from natural fiber pulp, the cat tunnel’s texture is more like leather than kraft paper, if you find the cat tunnels dusty, just wash the dusts off with water. Our cat tunnel is totally reusable and environmental friendly.
  • CAT HIDEAWAY: Cat is skilled at hiding in the corners to make itself to feel safe, a crinkle cat tunnel is a perfect hideaway for adult cat and small kittens, as well as a good hideout for rabbit, bunny and other small pets.

Details: Material: Germany Imported 0.55MM Kraft Paper   Product Size: 24cm Diameter * 74cm long (before folding)   Accessories: Classical art stickers* 10pcs Usage: Cat tunnel, cat toy, cat playground, cat cave, cat bed, kitten hideaway tunnel, cat hide and seek tunnel, cat hideaway, rabbit hideout, bunny hideaway, etc.   FAQ: Q: How to make the cat tunnel stand? A: Rub and press the tunnel hard (don't worry! It won't break!), then let it unfold naturally. Q: The cats don't play with it? A: Cats are highly vigilant animals, try to hide their toys or toss some catnip in the tunnel, do NOT force them into it. Maintenance: 1. Wash with water and dry up, do not soak in the water for too long time. 2. Rub and press to create a vintage effect. 3. Iron to restore flatness. 4. Do not intentionally damage, you are much stronger than your cats.

Package Dimensions: 14.7 x 11.0 x 0.9 inches

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