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2 Rollers,Barley Crusher,Home Brew Mill


Features & Details


  • 【LARGE CAPACITY HOPPER】- The cereal killer grain mill's thicker hopper can hold 4 L/5 kg/11 lbs grain at one time. Its large capacity can handle large batches of brewing for you.
  • 【STAINLESS STEEL MATERAIL】- Our grain crusher is constructed of stainless steel rollers, hopper, and other stainless steel accessories, with strong durability and sturdiness.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE CLEARANCE】- This grain mill is equipped with adjustable rollers. You can adjust the distance between rollers to repeatedly crush the grain, and then the powder will be finer.
  • 【PREMIUM MOTOR】- With the 40 RPM high-efficiency gear motor, this brew grain mill can crush the grain quickly. It is also simple to use; you can press the switch to start the machine.
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】- The malt mill is perfect for malt, barley, and wheat, but is not recommended for crushing soybeans. It is designed to crush the grain, not grind.

Key Features


    11 LBS Hopper


    The hopper, capable of holding 4 L/5 kg/11 lbs grain for one time, is sufficient for general brewing, and it's easy to build your own hopper extension if you need to fit more than this in the hopper.

    Premium Material


    With the stainless steel hopper, frame, and rollers, this barley crusher grain mill has the advantages of strong construction, good corrosion resistance.

    Adjustable Rollers


    With adjustable gap-spacing, the rollers’ adjustable range is 0-1.651 mm/0-0.065", allowing you to adjust the crushed grain size according to your need.

    20W Gear Motor


    This electric mill, motorized with a drill, is easy to use. A 20W gear motor, with the revolving speed of 40 RPM, can crush 10.0 kg/22 lbs grain fastly and efficiently.

    Easy To Use

    Connect the power and click the switch to start the mill. Press the switch left and right, the rollers can be controlled to rotate in different directions, then the poured grain will be ground into powder quickly.



    Wildly Use


    This barley mill is perfect for large batches and high-efficiency milling. It is suitable for crushing malt, barley, and wheat, but not for soybeans.
2 Rollers,Barley Crusher,Home Brew Mill

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