Nail Stapler Three-use Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Nail Gun With 800 Staples

Color: Nail gun

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FUJIWARA Nail Stapler Manual Nail Gun Three-use Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Nail Gun With 800 Staples Attached

Brand Name: FUJIWARA
Capacity: Three-use
Model Number: FUJ-2568
Usage: Home DIY
Power Source: Manual
Type: Framing Nail Gun
Weight: 0.55kg
Applied nail type: T-nail, N-nail, U-nail
Application: furniture,doors and windows,pack sofa,wardrobe,etc.
DIY Supplies: Woodworking




Binding range:

6-14mm (depth); 10.60mm(shoulder width)


Bullet point:

(1)length of 10mm straight nail

(2)6mm wide and 12mm long type nail.

(3)10.6mm wide and 8mm long door nail. Shape and staples almost (slightly larger, and pneumatic nail common).


Nail specifications:

(1)3-in-1 Staple Gun - special binding groove allows easily insertion of Door-type,U-type and T-type staples to meet various tacking needs

(2)Made with high quality stainless steel for long term using,anti-abrasive and corrosion resisting,super sturdy,heavy duty and durable for upholstery

(3)Ergonomic non-slip grip and convenience handle lock for comfort and safe storage

(4)Easy squeeze operation allows for easy loading and using,saves time and avoid hassle



(1)Do not aim the gun at any person or any object other than the job.

(2)Nail gun when not used, the nail removed, so that the next use of accidental injury.

(3)Please put the nail in the child enough to get the place.

Application Range:

Suitable for connection between wood and timber in construction, large frame, tray, wooden crates, wooden houses, etc.


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