Giantex 1350W Electric BBQ Grill Non-Stick w/ 4 Temperature Setting Outdoor Garden Patio Camping


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Brand: Giantex


  • 🍖〖Easy to Install and Maintain Tidy〗- All parts are listed clearly and given a number. Assembly steps are also shown in picture form and with text explanation for your reference. You just need to clean the grill plate and grease collecting bowl with warm washing-up water and damp cloth. Before cleaning, please disconnect the appliance from electricity supply and allow the grill to cool completely.
  • 🍖〖Detachable Temperature Regulator and Indicator〗- The temperature regulator is detachable. You can set the temperature regulator to the required temperature level which usually takes about three minutes to heat up. The temperature indicator will go out when the set temperature reach, which ensures safe usage of the grill.
  • 🍖〖Stand with Appropriate Height and Sturdy Base〗- The grill comes with a stand and base. The stand height is appropriate and easy for you to access. Five feet base makes the grill sturdy and strongly supports the grill and food inside it.
  • 🍖〖Fat Collecting Bowl and Condiment Tray〗- Collecting bowls can perfectly collect grease and make the grill maintain clean and tidy. Condiment tray assembled on the stand is designed for storing seasoning and is easy to access. Besides, it can also be 360 degree rotate to meet your demands. The material of both tray and bowl is clean and healthy.
  • 🍖〖Perfect Metal Grill Hood and Plate〗- Grill plate is divided into three areas which is good for you to cook different kinds of food in three different areas. With high-quality non-stick coating, you can use tongs or scoop to turn the grilled food and prevent food being burned.



If you want to enjoy a tasty barbecue without smoke, our brand new andprofessional electric grill is an ideal choice for you. 1350w power operated anda variable temperature controller with four settings to adjust guarantee ahappy grilling or barbecue time. Based on different food features or personaldiet customs, you can set the temperature to different level for grilling. Atthe same time, we also listed some suggested grilling time for different food. Aremovable bowl just below the surface is designed for depositing any naturallyoccurring grease or other liquids. The center of the bracket is equipped with360 rotatable condiment tray, keeping the seasoning close at hand. Don'thesitate to buy it now!


🍖Brand New And High Quality

🍖240 Sq In Circular Grill Plate

🍖Variable Temperature Controller With Four Settings To Adjust

🍖A Grease Collecting Bowl Below The Surface

🍖A 360 Rotatable Condiment Tray, Keeping The Seasoning Close At Hand

🍖Comes With A Removable Stand That Lets You Get The Same Delicious ResultsIndoors And Outdoors

🍖Assembly Required


Main Material: Aluminum Plate & ABS

Overall Dimension: 24.8" Wx24.8"D X 35.6"H

Grill Plate Area: 400mm*400mm/15.7"*15.7"


Power: 1350W

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