Granite Mortar and Pestle Set - 5.5 Inch, 17.5 Oz - Unique Double Sided


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Granite Mortar and Pestle Set - 5.5 Inch, 17.5 Oz - Unique Double Sided - Pestle and Mortar Bowl - Guacamole Mortar Large - Included: Silicone Lid/Mat and Spoon

Brand: Laevo

Color: Black Granite


  • 🌿Unlike other mortars and pestles which are flimsy, small and break easily Laevo mortar and pestle is 100% solid granite, heavyweight and stable with large 2.1 cup capacity. You will love it for the unique reversible design which allows to separate the flavors and smells and makes it very stable.
  • 🌿Treat your family with a healthy homemade and nutritious meal made with your new mortar and pestle. Unpolished and non-porous interior texture helps with efficient grinding and crushing of spices, herbs, salt, coffee beans and creates dishes like guacamole, curry, pastes, dips, dressings, seasonings and more. Essential oils, wonderful flavors and aroma that are released while crushing cannot be achieved with a knife or a food processor.
  • 🌿Wonderful gift in great box for any chef or home cook for Christmas, birthday or housewarming! Get bonus items today - Buy now this beautiful mortar set and get your wooden spoon and silicone lid / placemat free. Protect your countertop and keep the food fresh longer.
  • 🌿Save money with this value set that will last a lifetime. Invest one time into a natural and eco - friendly premium quality 100% solid granite stone mortar and pestle which is heavyweight and durable.
  • 🌿Outstanding customers experience is our mission at Laevo! We will do our best to ensure that you are happy with your purchase, provide instructions for cleaning and caring for your new mortar set and even share some of our top picked recipes! Should you have any questions or concerns about the product, its delivery or use - kindly contact us by clicking on “Laevo Group” near the “Buy now” button, then “ask a question”.

Binding: Kitchen

model number: Black Granite

Part Number: 8541981584

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EAN: 0782150261035

Package Dimensions: 9.0 x 7.4 x 7.3 inches

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