Weightlifting Wrist Wraps (Competition Grade) 18" Professional Quality Wrist Support


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Gymreapers Weightlifting Wrist Wraps (Competition Grade) 18" Professional Quality Wrist Support with Heavy Duty Thumb Loop - Best Wrap for Powerlifting, Strength Training, Bodybuilding(Black,18")

Brand: Gymreapers

Color: Black


  • COMPETITION GRADE, HEAVY DUTY - Built by athletes for athletes, Gymreapers, weight lifting wrist wraps were tested by world champion powerlifters, IFBB pro athletes, and world renowned fitness trainers. Our wraps are perfect for strength training, powerlifting, bodybuilding, cross training or specific exercises like bench press, shoulder press, clean and jerk, and other push movements.
  • IMPROVED LIFTING SUPPORT & STABILITY - Whether you're justing getting into working out or are a seasoned weight lifter these wrist wraps are for you. Our proprietary elastic will provide unparalleled levels of support to immobilize your wrist as needed. Wrap them around as tight or loose as needed for your desired level of restriction without cutting of circulation or causing pain from stiff, rough edges.
  • TRUE TO SIZE 18" LIFTING WRIST WRAPS - Unlike other poorly made wrist wraps on the market that are cheap and flimsy, Gymreapers wrist wraps are true to length. This means you can get the highest level of tightness and support compared to shorter wraps. However, the length is not too long and will be allowed in competition if you are looking for the bet wrist wraps for squat, bench, and deadlift.
  • STOP LETTING LACK OF WRIST SUPPORT AND WRIST PAIN HOLD YOU BACK - Grab your pair of wrist wraps now; The thicker, reinforced thumb loops keep the wraps in place and allow you to control the level of tension you desire. Our brand and movement speaks for itself, these will without a doubt improve your workout performance, assist you in breaking new PR’s, and will help prevent injuries. A set of Gymreapers wraps for working out is an essential fitness accessory to have in your bag.
  • 5 STAR SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Discover why our customers rate Gymreapers #1 in customer service and product quality. Our products are backed with a 60-day hassle free return option. Try them risk free today. If for any reason you are not happy contact us and we'll make it right!

Part Number: GR701


Gymreapers Wrist Wraps Maximize Performance While Preventing Injury During Powerlifting, Bodybuilding & Chest or Shoulder Workouts

Gymreapers Provides Premium Quality Wrist Wraps & Other Weightlifting Accessories.

  • Created by athletes for athletes. We've tested and designed our weight lifting wrist wraps to merge comfort, aesthetics, and support.
  • High performing, durable, elastic material with reinforced stitching and a thicker thumb loop gives you the compression and support you need.
  • These 18" wrist wraps will support and immobilize your wrist for bench press, shoulder press, squats, and any other lifting exercise you need wrist support on.

Perfect for athletic performance and fitness workouts for upper and lower body: Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Cross Training, Bench press, and other training exercises.

Why are our wrist wraps a must have for any beginner, intermediate, or advanced athlete?

  • The compression wrist wraps will enhance performance, prevent injury, and improve pressing functionality.
  • Instantly assist in preventing wrist injury and relieve joint paint (ex: tendonitis, surgery) with the ability to adjust tension to fit your needs.
  • For your comfort, the elastic material and thumb loop can adjust to your preferred level of tension - this prevents having your wraps too tight or too loose.


Use these wrist wraps for uppwer and lower body training - ideal for low bar back squats and heavy bench press

What is included with your purchase?

  • 1 pair of Gymreapers Wrist Wraps

Order in confidence, your order comes with a 60-Day No Hassle Return Policy and a 1 Year Warranty - 100% Guaranteed - No Questions Asked.

Don't hesitate, join the movement and add our wrist wraps to your cart today.

EAN: 0855828008017

Package Dimensions: 8.2 x 3.5 x 1.2 inches

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