Hand Dryer Machinery Automatic High Speed Efficient Hard Secure for Washroom

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VEVOR Jet Blade Hand Dryer Machinery Automatic High Speed Efficient Hard Secure Robust Material for Washroom Commercial Home Use

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Product Description

Premium Jet Hand Dryer
It is a functional machine in your daily life. Our blade hand dryer features a fast drying speed and complete air filtration compared to other products. Mainly made of durable and waterproof ABS material, you don’t have to worry about damages from the wet using environment. What’s more, many thoughtful details must bring perfect user experience for you.

  • High-Speed & Double-Sided
  • Premium HEPA Filtration
  • Durable ABS Material
  • Comprehensive Details
Tough Equipment & Tools, Pay Less

VEVOR is a leading brand that specializes in equipment and tools. Along with thousands of motivated employees, VEVOR is dedicated to providing our customers with tough equipment & tools at incredibly low prices. Today, VEVOR's products are sold in more than 200 countries and regions with 10 million plus members worldwide.


Key Features

  • Although our jet hand dryer uses a powerful motor to give a high-speed air blowing, it still maintains a low noise during working. Fast dry your hands within only 8-10 seconds.
  • High-Efficiency Drying

  • The commercial dryer has complete filtration with HEPA, providing fresh and clean air as you need. Meanwhile, the filtration also keeps debris from entering the machine.
  • Clean Air Providing 

  • Our commercial dryer has a fashionable white surface with a smooth surface. Besides, with the stable and durable ABS construction, the hand dryer is easy to maintain.
  • High Strength Body

  • The air outlet is designed as a scientific 15-degree golden angles, which reduces the air loss and shortens your drying time. Also, the time-limited air blowing saves energy.
  • Dual-Wave & Intelligent

  • For your convenient use for four seasons, this intelligent air blade hand dryer provides hot air up to 43℃. You can effortlessly pour out the water to keep the machine in a good working status.
  • Humanized Designs

  • Both for home use or commercial use, this industrial jet hand dryer is a good choice for your hands drying. You can use it in different places as you need, with easy installation.
  • Multi-Purpose Use

Silver Specifications

  • Model: VV-JHD-YS
  • Color: Silver
  • Voltage: 220 V, 50-60 HZ
  • Power: 2000 W
  • Surface Material: ABS
  • Drying Efficiency: 8-10 Seconds
  • Air Filtration: HEPA Filtration
  • Air Temperature: 43℃/ 109.4 ℉
  • Motor Type: Carbon Brush Motor
  • Item Weight: 8.8 kg/ 19.4 lbs
  • Item Size(L x W x H): 290 x 220 x 685 mm/ 11.4 x 8.7 x 27 in

Package Content

  • 1 x Jet Hand Dryer

White Specifications

  • Model: VV-JHD-BS
  • Color: White
  • Voltage: 220 V, 50-60 HZ
  • Power: 2000 W
  • Surface Material: ABS
  • Drying Efficiency: 8-10 Seconds
  • Air Filtration: HEPA Filtration
  • Air Temperature: 109.4 ℉/ 43℃
  • Motor Type: Carbon Brush Motor
  • Item Weight: 19.4 lbs/ 8.8 kg
  • Item Size(L x W x H): 11.4 x 8.7 x 27 in/ 290 x 220 x 685 mm

Package Content

  • 1 x Jet Hand Dryer


Features & Details


  • HIGH-SPEED & DOUBLE-SIDED: Specifications: Voltage: 220V, 50-60 HZ; Power: 2000W. Our jet hand dryer adopts a strong power carbon brush motor of 550W to achieve a high speed of 23000 r/min. You will get your hand drying within 8-10 seconds, thanks to the 100 m/s wind speed. This hand dryer features double-sided, fast air drying, and high efficiency.
  • PREMIUM HEPA FILTRATION: A detachable and washable two-stage HEPA filtration device can clear away most of the debris from the damp restroom air, clean the air before it blows on your hands, and keeping your hands sterile from secondary pollution. After filtration of the blade hand dryer, the air is fresh and odorless for security use. 
  • DURABLE ABS MATERIAL: With CE certification, our commercial dryer is made of robust ABS material, owing to characteristics of a glossy surface, strong hardness, and not easy to wear. No doubt using it in a wet bathroom for a long time because of the qualities of corrosion-proof and the IP24 standard water-proof. Easy cleaning with a damp cloth.
  • COMPREHENSIVE DETAILS: Both sides of the air blade hand dryer are equipped with infrared sensors to dry hands without touching. The air outlet adopts a dual-waved design, which not only effectively keeps water droplets from splashing on your body but also avoids air loss to dry quickly. Air flowing will stop automatically after more than 20 seconds. Humanized designs with a visual and detachable water tray and a hidden switch to get hot/cold air.
  • EXTENSIVE APPLICATION: Ideal for drying hands fast, this vertical hand dryer can be used for all seasons as you are allowed to adjust its temperature for your comforts. It is compatible with homes, hospitals, airports, schools, offices, shopping malls, etc.

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