Leg Sculptor | Reduce The Appearance of Thigh Fat with This Non-Invasive Cold Treatment


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isavera Leg Sculptor | Reduce The Appearance of Thigh Fat with This Non-Invasive Cold Treatment | Enhance Your Workouts | Thigh-Toning Trainer with Accessories

Brand: isavera


  • Target Your Legs: Our patent pending fat loss wraps are a simple, safe, noninvasive way to help destroy body fat deposits without any electrical components. Our proprietary, custom-formulated gel packs reach ideal temperatures to help trigger fat loss (apoptosis) without hurting your skin. Not a professional-use medical device
  • It's Time to Feel Better About Yourself: Our Isavera LegSculptor bands are a simple method that are designed to help you reduce the look of unwanted Leg flab, also known as 'bat wings'.
  • Easy-To-Use: Our contouring, custom-formulated gel packs reach temperatures that have helped many achieve their desire: the appearance of gradual fat loss - without harming the skin. Our highly-researched Leg wraps use 3mm neoprene and dual-action gel packs that are designed to help you reduce the visible appearance of Leg fat. For your convenience, the protective nylon inner pocket and velour outer pocket make the sleeves comfortable and cold-adjustable.
  • Fits Your Schedule: Our Isavera Leg Sculptor bands are simple to use. We’ve crafted them so they can be conveniently incorporated into your busy, active lifestyle. Our Leg fat shapers are specifically intended to help you target the appearance of stubborn inner and under-Leg bulges.
  • Many people are purchasing our Isavera Leg Sculptor to assist with loss results. Its time to use Isavera as a secondary tool to help Burn fat with our Leg fat loss wraps.

Details: Having slim and toned legs is anyone’s dream, but the fat deposits in our thighs can be challenging – even with our best efforts in diet and exercise. That's why we've designed the new Isavera Leg Sculptor, a revolutionary way to help reduce the appearance inner and outer thigh fat. Looking to get that amazing ‘thigh gap’ that people will envy you for? Our Leg Sculptor has you covered. Why is this product for you? The Isavera Leg Sculptor wraps utilize a dual-action gel that reaches temperatures that have been known to diminish the appearance of fat cells. Our wraps use cold to help spot-reduce fatty areas in your thighs without damaging skin. No exercise and diet required: our wraps and gel packs can help tone and sculpt your legs. Some of the amazing features of this product: The Isavera Leg Sculptor thighs bands are a safe, easy and effortless way to help sculpt and tone legs - primarily inner and upper thighs. Easy to use and comfortable. Special nylon inner pocket and velour-fabric outer pocket for enhanced comfort. Works from the comfort of home Utilizes proprietary dual-action gel that helps activate the fat burning process and helps speed up metabolism. Closely designed after several scientific studies. Can help reduce 'orange peel effect', cellulite and fat dimples. For stubborn thigh fat on both women and men. Completely safe and non-invasive. No surgery, gimmicks or pills. Tested, proven and fueled by scientific studies. Get the sculpted legs you dream of with our premium Isavera Leg Sculptor Wraps.

Package Dimensions: 12.9 x 10.0 x 4.3 inches

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