24pcs Fake Vines Fake Ivy Leaves Artificial Ivy, Ivy Garland Greenery Vines

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JPSOR 24pcs Fake Vines Fake Ivy Leaves Artificial Ivy, Ivy Garland Greenery Vines for Bedroom Decor Aesthetic Silk Ivy Vines for Room Wall Decor

Brand: JPSOR

Color: Green


  • Size of ivy vines: 78.7 inches / 2 meters each vine leaf garland, with two sizes of artificial ivy leaves. Large hanging leaves: about 4.5 cm * 4.5 cm / 1.77 inches * 1.77 inches, small hanging leaves: about 3.5 cm * 3.5 cm / 1.37 "* 1.37"
  • Material of green vines: The faux ivy leaves are made of silk and the stems are made of plastic. There are 24 strands such artificial ivy vines.
  • Maintenance of fake vines:The artificial fake ivy garland is evergreen, and the silk hanging leaves are dense and will not easily be damaged or faded. The fake hanging leaves don’t need to be cleaned daily.
  • Uses of ivy garlands:Artificial hanging plants with LED strip lights can be used for wedding wall decor, artificial vines for bedrooms, wall vines for room decor, fake leaves for gardens greenery backdrop, party, swing sets, enchanted forest decorations, easy to install and disassemble.
  • Note: The artificial ivy vine is dyed and processed. It is normal for fake leaves to smell. Please put fake leaves in a ventilated environment after receiving them, and the smell will quickly dissipate.

Binding: Home

model number: 8541836541

Part Number: 43178-497697

Details: 24 Guirnalda De Hiedra Artificial, con hojas aprox 80 por pieza Use estas guirnaldas de hiedra artificial para decorar el balcón, estantes o windowsill para llevar una cálida sensación a su casa. También buena para decorar patio, centros comerciales. Nota: Puede haber un ligero error Duo a manual de medición.Hojas de, es normal que el olor, por favor, colocarlos en un entorno de ventilación para algún tiempo y el olor desaparecerá. Servicio al Cliente: Si usted tiene cualquier pregunta acerca de nuestros productos, puede hacer clic en el botón "Contacto vendedor para enviar un correo electrónico a nosotros, y vamos a responder con prontitud. Gracias.

Package Dimensions: 12.0 x 11.1 x 3.3 inches

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