Kettler GTX85 Table Tennis Paddles Set


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4-Players: (4) GTX85 Paddles, (2) 3-Star 6-ball pack

2-Players: (2) GTX85 Paddles, (1) 3-Star 6-ball pack

The GTX85 paddles feature rounded contour Ergo Grip handles which provide secure hand contact for better feel and to provide greater control. The grips have contoured EVA inserts to provide added comfort, and to feel smoother while in your hand.    

The handles also feature a light weight foam filled hollow core to absorb vibration. Removing weight from the handle shifts weight into the head of the paddle providing better control, balance, greater speed, and add overall precision to your power shots.

The pips in, high quality rubber paddle faces feature a soft foam core to absorb and dampen vibration and provide near perfect ball control, added precision, and help increase ball spin.  

High-quality three star rated balls - regulation 40 mm size, official tournament quality and performance, and provide consistent bounce.

Overall the KETTLER GTX85 paddle set is a great choice for any level player, and offers the performance features that will please the advanced table tennis player.

Paddle Features:
  • 5 ply shake handle design
  • ERGO GRIP handle for better feeling and power, with FOAM CORE to absorb the vibrations for perfect ball control and unbelievable precision
  • Pips in soft rubber face provides increased control, added speed and spin to your shot

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