LED Acrylic Lighted Liquor Bottle Display Shelf Bottle Mounted Wine Racks 16/20/24/30/40/60" 2/3

Color: width 24cm 3 Step

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Item Description 

LED Liquor Display Shelf,1/2/3-Step,Bar/Corner/Island Shapes

LED Lighted Liquor Bottle Shelf

Made of premium acrylic material, our LED-lighted liquor bottle shelf features durability and ease of use. You can choose from different tiers & sizes in three shapes - bar, corner, and island. Two control methods are available for you. One is the RF remote control, which is equipped with almost all products of the same kind. The other is App control, which is realized on the basis of Bluetooth Technology. Install Lotus Lanternon your mobile phone; then, you can select the light colors and flashing modes as you wish. This product is perfect for home and commercial bar use. 
  • 44-Key RF Remote Control
  • Feature-Rich App Control
  • Durable Acrylic Surface
  • Adaptable With 100-240V
  • For Home & Commercial Bar

Key Features

  • LED Liquor Display Shelf,1/2/3-Step,Bar/Corner/Island Shapes


    Remote Control

    With the RF remote control, you can choose the color and the light flashing pattern & duration from 20 static colors and 4 DIY modes to match different occasions. The adjustable light flash program with speed and dimming control would provide you with a fantastic experience.

  • LED Liquor Display Shelf,1/2/3-Step,Bar/Corner/Island Shapes


    App Control

    Compared with those similar products, ours can realize App control. You can set up the liquor bottle display on your mobile phone from the comfort of Lotus Lantern (for both iOS and Android). Apart from colors and flashing modes, you can also play some music for entertainment.

  • LED Liquor Display Shelf,1/2/3-Step,Bar/Corner/Island Shapes


    5 mm Acrylic

    The lightly frosted acrylic surface, featuring durability and toughness, allows the perfect amount of LED light to shine through and brightly illuminate your liquor bottles. And it would be quite convenient for you to clean and maintain thanks to the advantage of the premium acrylic material.

  • LED Liquor Display Shelf,1/2/3-Step,Bar/Corner/Island Shapes


    Broadband Voltage

    Our LED-lighted liquor bottle shelf is adaptable with broadband voltage (from 100V to 240V). Thus, there's no need for you to worry about power supply stability. Whether it is peak power consumption or not, and wherever you reside, you can enjoy the lighted bottle display with ease.

  • LED Liquor Display Shelf,1/2/3-Step,Bar/Corner/Island Shapes


    Ease of Using

    No assembly required & two control methods supported; this LED liquor shelf is easy for you to operate. Pull up the rear panel, connect the wires inside, and plug it into a socket. Then, you can adjust the color and flashing mode of the liquor display according to your personal preference.

  • LED Liquor Display Shelf,1/2/3-Step,Bar/Corner/Island Shapes


    Wide Application

    Not only applicable in your home, but this product is also perfect for public areas such as commercial bars, clubs, KTV, etc. At home, the space-saving design (2/3-Step Type) is favorable for neatly classifying and placing the bottles. For commercial bars, the gorgeous lights can make your drinks look more attractive.

LED Liquor Display Shelf,1/2/3-Step,Bar/Corner/Island Shapes
LED Liquor Display Shelf,1/2/3-Step,Bar/Corner/Island Shapes
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Dimensions: 15.98" x 8.46" x 7.01" (406x215x178 mm)
  • Control Methods: 44-Key RF Remote Control & App Control
  • Voltage Range: 100-240V

Package Content

  • 1 x Display Shelf with LED Strip
  • 1 x RF Remote Control
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Control Receiver
  • 1 x User Manual


Features & Details


  • 【44-KEY RF REMOTE CONTROL】- With the 44-key RF remote control, you can perform a series of settings on this 2-step 16" LED-lighted liquor bottle shelf, which will be illuminated by the built-in LED strip lights in 20 static colors with brightness & speed adjustment. Besides, 4 DIY modes are also available for you, dotting your room with a sense of rhythm. How long it jumps or fades is also entirely up to you. 
  • 【FEATURE-RICH APP CONTROL】- Apart from the remote control, our LED-lighted liquor bottle shelf can also be controlled through your mobile phone based on Bluetooth Technology. Scan the QR code on the control receiver and install Lotus Lantern, which is available on both App Store and Google Play; then, you can adjust the color, choose the flash style, and play the music stored on your device.
  • 【DURABLE ACRYLIC SURFACE】- Made of premium acrylic material, this lighted liquor bottle display shelf emphasizes good hardness and transparency. The former ensures that the liquor shelf is resistant to wear and breakage, while the latter can show you brighter colors for a better display effect. Besides, the smooth acrylic surface is also convenient for you to clean and maintain.
  • 【ADAPTABLE WITH 100-240V】- Compared with the ones supplied by fixed voltage, our LED liquor bottle display shelf is adaptable with wide voltage, ranging from 100V to 240V. With its advantages, the wide-range voltage can secure the stable power supply for reliable operation, whether it is the peak of urban power consumption or the shortage of power supply in remote areas.
  • 【FOR HOME & COMMERCIAL BAR】- As a decor for exhibition, this product can be used both for home and public places. It can create a fun ambiance and grab your guests' attention if you place it in your kitchen to decorate your home bar. And for commercial bars and clubs, the space-saving LED shelf can help you display more bottles and glasses in a clear classification. Meanwhile, the illuminated liquors would attract more customers.

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