Lot Of 2 Replacement Mop Micro Head Refill For 360 Degree Easy Magic Microfiber Spinning Floor Mop Head CL11589


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Product Description
This is our White 1Set=2PC Replacement Mop Micro Head Refill Hurricane For 360 Spin Magic Mop. If you look for one,please don't hesitant to buy from us.
We can also provide a large volume of this product in a lower price, If You Are Interested, Please Feel Free To Contact Us.

Brand new and good quality.
Easy to replace, work effectively and ensure safety
1Set=2PC Mop head replacement
Both For dry and wet use. Absorbent anti-abrasive microfibers won't scratch the surfaces you're cleaning
Skid proof anti-friction TPV handle is more easy on the hands and wrists than regular mops
Fit not guaranteed, many variations in mop handles

plastic dome diameter: 6.1"
Package Include?1Set=2PC Replacement Mop Micro Head

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