Ocean Theme Wood Cutting Board with handle or Cheese Serving Board Party Tray Coastal Decor


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Brand: Schafer Art Studio

Color: navy blue, bright blue, and white


  • Handmade in my Oregon Studio
  • Cutting Board and Resin is Food Safe
  • Ocean Themed Hand painted Colors
  • Great Gift for Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays
  • Solid Maple Wood Board

Details: This beautiful, Pacific Northwest inspired wood cutting board is food safe and makes a lovely, treasured hostess gift and a memorable wedding present. Each wooden serving board is a unique work of art that is inspired by the rich colors of the Pacific Ocean. The wood cutting board is layered with hand-painted, food safe epoxy resin. After achieving a stunning, glass-like finish to ensure that this work of art is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This hand- painted cutting board is a perfect addition to your home and will make a stunning gift that will be remembered and appreciated.
Let the captivating colors of deep blue, ocean green, and white foam remind you of the peaceful call of the ocean. These wood cutting boards can enhance your home as a decoration or be show cased in a stand on your kitchen counter. As your guests arrive, quickly and easily retrieve this hand-crafted board to serve wine and cheese or delicious appetizers.
Each cutting board is handmade which means there will be natural variations in the colors. I incorporate and apply a palette of colors for each custom board and then heat with a blowtorch to create the unique patterns and designs. Each cutting board may have small indentations in the resin, as well as variations in the finished design due to the effects of the heat process. This is a natural component of creating a custom, yet fully functional, work of art with resin.
Care Instructions: This cutting board is for serving food and cutting on the wooden base. You can hand wash with soap and water.

Package Dimensions: 18.8 x 8.6 x 1.5 inches

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