18Inch Genuine Ox Battle Trumpet with Leather Strap-Hand Engraved| Easy and Clear


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OldEmperor Viking War Blowing Horn| 18Inch Genuine Ox Battle Trumpet with Leather Strap-Hand Engraved| Easy and Clear Sound| Gift Bag


Color: Blowing Horn


  • 📯 DWELL BACK INTO HISTORY- The Viking era is a marvellous tradition that carries along an astounding history. There are various handcrafted items that enliven the Viking dynamism. Our Viking Blowing Horn is one of them. Experience the Viking’s historical period by grabbing our Viking Blowing Horn.
  • 🐂 GENUINELY PRODUCT- We take utmost care to get the raw material from certified and ethical livestock. So, only the good stuff reaches your hands. Your Viking blowing horn will be defect-free and absolutely original in nature. We believe in authenticity and this makes our product long-lasting.
  • ✋ FINEST QUALITY AND ARTISTIC DESIGN - Our blowing horn is handcrafted. We have very talented craftsmen who put their soul into your blowing horn creation. The carving techniques are very traditional and match those present during the Viking times. No two horns are the same. Each blowing horn will be different in color, shape, and size. Uniqueness with the utmost care during the designing phase is what our artisans vouch for.
  • 🕬 SOUND THAT REWINDS THE HISTORY- The Viking Blowing horn is meticulously engineered in line with the ancient technology to give the sound effect that is ALL NATURAL. The sound wave that travels out of the horn is amusing yet emotive. The use of this sound was for different reasons🡪to alarm one’s presence, signal for battle, mode of communication at distant places, etc. It is sure to grab the attention of plenty. So, be prepared for it.
  • 😊 COMPLETE SATISFACTION PROMISE- We are confident about our designs, material, and quality. If ever you are unsatisfied, we guarantee your money back. No questions asked.

Details: Viking Blowing Horn is a premium horn that is completely handcrafted. It is sourced from certified livestock. The blowing horn is made by our experienced craftsmen. It is designed with due care and beautifully polished. Each horn will be different and is engraved with minute details. Sound engineering is as per the ancient traditional techniques and results in the historical sound effect. It was used in the Viking era as a medium of communication for distant places and especially related to the battle movements. At times it was also used to be in touch with the fellow-mates while hunting or to safeguard one’s presence in remote areas or as a signal of approach in a particular vicinity. Our Viking Blowing Horn has a tone similar to one that was used to contact the Vikings thousands of years ago. It is very easy to use and sounds natural. Since it is made from a genuine Ox horn it will not have a smooth surface. But it is duly carved keeping the natural look intact and safe. This Viking Blowing Horn can become your valued treasure. Be proud to use it during get-togethers, parties, and social or cultural events. Or you can just blow it to wake up the hidden Viking from within you. Let the old values revive with full valor and vigor. We make sure that the mouthpiece is neat, smooth, well-trimmed, and polished. And there is no need for any extra attachments while blowing it. Our Viking blowing horn is strong and durable. We are not just a few years old. Our business has been running for generations altogether. Your satisfaction is prime, so your purchase is risk-free. No clarifications are needed and no questions are asked. Many of our customers are already happy. Now it’s your turn to get one shipped and bring the true Viking within you and experience the real VIKING era!

Package Dimensions: 16.4 x 5.6 x 3.5 inches

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