Outdoor Baby Stroller Sleeping Bag Windproof Newborn Extract Envelope For Sleep Warm Infant Stroller Footmuff Sleep Sack

Color: Light Gray

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Envelope your baby in a cocoon of cuddly warmth. It's the perfect place for a baby on the go. Windproof, snowproof, waterproof.


Fabric: Sydney spinning Lining: Coralline Size: 90*40cm/80*40cm Weight: 760g/600g Certification: OEKO-TEX


Made of Sydney spinning fabric and lined with soft Coral velvet. It has concealed flaps for the 5 point harness of your stroller. This universal accessory fits all brands of strollers The Softbag will keep your newborn safe, cosy, and relaxed during long city strolls. The materials have been tested by OEKO-TEX, safe and tasteless.

Two Size

More Color More Choices

Fold-down Top Cover

The removable top allows for easy temperature control to keep your little one comfortable on the go.

Opened From Bottom

It can be unzipped from bottom for quick diaper changes and easy dressing.

Equipped With 5 Harness Slots

Baby safety all the time. It's adaptable for most stroller with 3 or 5 point belt.

Separation Design Easy To Clean

Separable design of upper and lower layers. Parents love the machine washable material that makes it simple to keep clean.

Health Materials

OEIX-100 CERTIFICATION MATERIALS Enter the number through oetx-100 web for inquiry.

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