Round&Square Glaze Stoneware Oven Baking Dish Plate Set w/ Handle


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Dimension:    Round Dish     L*W*H: 29.5x25x6.5cm
Square Dish      L*W*H: 26x21.5x6cm
Rectangle Dish   L*W*H: 33x21x6cm


VERSATILE,STYLISH COOKING - it's not just for lasagne ,cook up classic Italian cannelloni too, or everyday grub like roast vegetables and pasta bakes,Both practical and stylish, the round oven dish is ideal for baking cottage pie, lasagne, tartiflette and gratins, or for roasting meat and vegetables. With its beautiful glaze, the stoneware oven dish also offers a stunning way to present main dishes, sides or salads at your table
MICROWAVE SAFE AND DISHWASHER SAFE- Fired in high temperature, makes our vancasso product much harder and resistant to crack. The versatile dish is oven safe to 200C, and also freezer and microwave safe, so you can store batches or leftovers and reheat them in the same dish. As it is also dishwasher safe, the ceramic oven dish is easy to clean ready for next time
BEAUTIFUL AND HEALTHY - Made of fine stoneware ceramic, non-toxic and harmless, FDA certified lead and cadmium free.this series offers the perfect bakeware for everyday use and gives yourself and your guests an amazing buffet experience.
USEFUL INFO - our dishes are oven safe to 260C and come in a variety of single sizes and set options. To collect them all or buy singles, search for vancasso baking dish
FIVE STAR AFTER SALE - if you receive any broken or chipped items, please kindly feel free to Contact us.

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