RUVINCE Play Money That Looks Real Prop Money Dollar $3,760 Fake Dollar Bills USD


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RUVINCE Play Money That Looks Real Prop Money Dollar $3,760 Fake Dollar Bills USD Cinema Props Prop Stack



  • 💵【What You Get】You get a set of $1(20 Pieces), $2(20 Pieces), $5(20 Pieces), $10(20 Pieces), $20(20 Pieces), $50(20 Pieces), $100 (20 Pieces) each note.
  • 💵【Prop Money Realistic 】No red Chinese text, no slash, full print 2 sides.
  • 💵【1:1 Real Size]】 It's the same size as real money.
  • 💵【Same color】The same color as real money
  • 💵【Movie Money 】Used for play money, education,magic tricks, costume and fancy dress party's, stage shows, poker games,parties, youtube, instagram, facebook as well as pranking friends and family.

Binding: Toy

Part Number: RUVINCE-MT01

Details: 💸Some of the amazing features of our fake cash: 💖Pack includes  20*1$, 20*2$, 20*5$, 20*10$, 20*20$, 20*50$, 20*100$, a total of 3670$. 💖Highly detailed and realistic; 💖Convenient pack; 💖The same size and color as real money 💖Premium printing and paper; 💖No watermark; 💖Authentic look and feel; 💸An English prop money set containing 7 face values, which is not found anywhere else in the world. 💸Expertly designed with no hieroglyphs or red stamps, this set of prop money is the most realistic looking money on the market. Used in a variety of situations, this fake money is of the highest quality and really does look the real deal! 💸Our customers use this prop money in a variety of situations: for Haloween costumes, birthdays, weddings, for making graduation lies, for money guns, theater plays, for games at work, marketing purposes, success visualization, for vision boards, financial seminars , board games or just for handling them all day! 💸Introduce the concept of money and trade to children using our prop money. It works great as prizes for kids' classroom and notes for a cash register for kids. It is a great gift for kids! 💸 They are absolutely perfect for every purpose as they look so true to life and viewers would not know the difference between this play money and real dollar bills. BUY NOW and purchase this realistic play money for props, learning opportunities or to use at fun celebrations with your friends!

Package Dimensions: 6.3 x 4.4 x 0.9 inches

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