Ufine Blue Floral Cast Iron Teapot Set Japanese Style Tetsubin Tea Kettle with 4 Cups, Stainless Steel Infuser for Stove Top Tea Brewing 28 oz

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Brand: Ufine

Color: Blue


  • 【Affordable Gift Set for Tea Lovers】Come with trivet and lid holder as well as four 2.4 oz cups, heavy cast iron teapot with stainless steel mesh strainer; attractive blue color and exquisite floral design; a great gift idea for someone or for self
  • 【Make a Delicious Cup of Tea on the Stove】This tea kettle can be heated on various types of stoves like gas stove, wood stove, electric stove; heats up evenly and quickly meanwhile releasing ferrous ion to water; enhance the taste of tea and retains heat better
  • 【Enamel Coating & Curved Spout】Finished with black enamel lining for rust protection and easy clean even if you accidentally left some water in there overnight; well attached handle and curved spout enable smooth pouring without driping and splashing
  • 【Pretty and Functional】Elegant color and floral design makes this teapot set a centerpiece of any counter or table; a cute decoration to your stovetop and kitchen; removable fine mesh strainer for any tea brewing needs, 28 oz capacity serves several cups of tea
  • 【STURDY & DURABLE】Healthy and environment-friendly paint on the outside, with good heat and water resistance, effectively extend the appearance and service life of iron teapot; heavy duty for daily tea brewing; solid and durable to replace the glass or porcelain one

Binding: Kitchen

Details: Cast Iron Teapot Set
The history of iron kettle can date back to the edo period(1750s), hundreds of years ago. Ufine cast iron teapot set adopts high quality pig iron, with traditional casting process and fine hand crafted. Comes in an attractive blue color with exquisite floral design reminiscent of Japanese cherry blossoms. You will not go wrong with this heavy duty cast iron teapot set, an affordable gift for families or friends and adorable tea set on the table or in the kitchen. Adds more fun and charm to your tea time!

Daily Use and Maintenance
1. For the first use of the iron pot, put 5-10 grams of tea into the cast iron teapot infuser and boil with water for about 10 minutes. In this way, it will gets rid of the smell of the new teapot and remove the materials left over during casting.
2. The suitable heat source for the iron pot is the charcoal fire. Place the tea kettle on a electric stove and gas stove with low heat.
3. For daily use, please add no more than 80% of water into teapot to avoid overflow after boiling. It will not whistle when boiling.
4. After each use, pour out the water and open the lid to fully evaporate the water in the teapot by using the residual heat or low temperature heating.
5. The teapot can only be cleaned with water, do not wipe the inside of the teapot with a brush, and do not wash it with detergent.
6. For the maintenance of the outside of the teapot, please take a cloth dipped in some tea and wipe it gently while the iron teapot is still hot. After a long time, it will produce a unique luster.

Package Dimensions: 12.7 x 8.1 x 4.6 inches

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