Window Bird Feeders with Strong Suction Cups - 4 Cups Tray with Drainage Holes

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Window Bird Feeders with Strong Suction Cups - Innovative Anti-Yellowing Acrylic Technology - Extra Large 4 Cups Lock in Place Seed Tray with Maximum Drainage Holes

Brand: Go Simply Amazing

Color: Transparent


  • 🐦 ANTI-YELLOWING TECH KEEPS IT CRYSTAL CLEAR - Most brands use acrylic that yellows in the sun, but our exclusively-pioneered RESIST technology solves that, keeping your feeder crystal-clear. "This is my third large bird feeder for my window, the others have been sun damaged after summer, but this one has stayed clear for the past 8 months" Ted. R. Atlanta Georgia.
  • 🐦 ELIMINATE MOLDY SEEDS - Smaller holes in the tray align with larger holes in the base of the feeder to completely eliminate standing water and ensure clean dry seeds for your wild bluebirds, finch, cardinals, and many more.
  • 🐦 NO MORE STRUGGLING WITH THE SEED TRAY – Our custom designed, easy-slide seed tray with safety locking system allows you to clean and refill with confidence.
  • 🐦WHOPPING 4 CUPS – Nothing ruins the fun of enjoying your window bird feeders than having to refill the seed tray on a daily basis. Never worry about this again, because our seed tray is the largest on the market with over 4 cups capacity. Specifically designed to last a month or more between refills.
  • 🐦 DIRT AND DUST PROOF - No one has our unique dry-sheet coating, which allows dirt and dust to be naturally rinsed off by rain, leaving your feeder clean and free of water spots year-round.

Details: No Need For Binoculars - Enjoy Birding in Your Own Backyard! Bring wild bluebird, sparrow, finch, robin and other migrating bird species right to your window So Why Choose Our Bird Feeder? 1) EASY MOUNT- Simply pick your favorite clear window for viewing, slide the suction cups in place and firmly press against the window. No need for special tools or equipment. 2) EASY SLIDE TRAY- Secure locking tray eliminates seed spill and makes refilling easier than ever. 3) SUPERIOR DRAINAGE SYSTEM- The smaller holes in the tray align with larger holes in the base of our feeders to eliminate water pooling and moldy seeds. 4) PANORAMIC VIEWING- Suction cups thoughtfully placed in corners for unobstructed views of the birds. 5) EXTRA LARGE CAPACITY- Our seed tray holds a whopping 4 cups of seed meaning less need to refill. 6) UV COATED- Crystal clear acrylic that withstands all the elements. 7) BONUS- 4 extra suction cups, 8 total with each kit. 8) PEACEFUL ENTERTAINMENT - Curious house cats, kids and elderly parents will enjoy window bird watching; fun for all ages! Mounted suction cup birdfeeders guarantee to bring relaxing entertainment for the whole family. Specifications: Height: 5 inches Length: 12 inches Width: 3.93 inches Weight: 1.31 pounds 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: The Go Simply Amazing Window Bird Feeders are backed by our manufacturer 30-day money back guarantee complete with 1-year free replacement warranty. Click on “ADD TO CART” today and get the Window Bird Feeder by Go Simply Amazing!

EAN: 0718598983024

Package Dimensions: 13.7 x 6.9 x 5.4 inches

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