Wire Terminals Crimping Tool Kit with Plastic Box,10 Insulated Ratcheting Terminals


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Wire Terminals Crimping Tool Kit with Plastic Box, Preciva AWG22-10 Insulated Ratcheting Terminals Crim

Brand: Preciva


  • [HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL]: This Wire crimping plier kit is made of high quality Alloy steel. It is a high strength hand tools for your home improvement.
  • [RATCHETING DESIGN]:There is a ratcheting mechanism design for this Insulated terminals crimping tool, one-hand operation could make a perfect crimp. And you can take less strength.
  • [CRIMPING WIRE SIZE AWG22-10]: The crimping size range from AWG22-10. There will be a widely application for this crimping tool.
  • [BONUS 700PCS CONNECTORS]: It comes with a box of 700pcs- 27 types of wire terminals connectors. RED for (0.5-1.5mm² /AWG 22-16), BLUE for (1.5-2.5mm² /AWG 16-14), YELLOW for (4-6mm² /AWG 12-10). Multiple Choices for the connectors, you can find what you want.
  • [AFTER SALES SERVICES]: Please check the description and specification before you order, if you have any problems, just contact us directly. You can get one insulated crimping tool, 700pcs connectors, one user manual and one tool box.

Product Features:
Thank you for choosing our Preciva high quality wire terminals crimping tool kit. It comes with a box of 700pcs wire terminals connectors which concluded 27 types. Please choose the appropriate terminals with the suitable sleeves, then you can make a perfect crimping.

Product Specifications:
◆Brand: Preciva
◆Model: RC680700
◆Crimping Size Range: 0.5-1.5mm²/1.5-2.5mm²/4-6mm²(AWG22-16/AWG16-14/AWG12-10)
◆Package size: 29x 14 x 6 cm
◆Material: Alloy steel, tinned copper,PVC insulation

Specifications of the 700pcs Connectors:
Three colors for the connectors kit: RED, BLUE, and YELLOW.
Ring M4:
◆Red 80pcs-0.5-1.5mm²/AWG 22-16
◆Blue 60pcs-1.5-2.5mm²/AWG16-14
◆Yellow 20pcs-4-6mm²/AWG12-10

Ring M5:
◆Red 70pcs-0.5-1.5mm²/AWG 22-16
◆Blue 50pcs-1.5-2.5mm²/AWG16-14
◆Yellow 20pcs-4-6mm²/AWG12-10

Ring M6:
◆Red 50pcs-0.5-1.5mm²/AWG 22-16
◆Blue 40pcs-1.5-2.5mm²/AWG16-14
◆Yellow 20pcs-4-6mm²/AWG12-10

Butt Splice:
◆Red 40pcs-0.5-1.5mm²/AWG 22-16
◆Blue 30pcs-1.5-2.5mm²/AWG16-14
◆Yellow 20pcs-4-6mm²/AWG12-10

Bullet male and female:
◆Red 40pcs-0.5-1.5mm²/AWG 22-16(20pcs male and 20pcs female)
◆Blue 30pcs-1.5-2.5mm²/AWG16-14(15pcs male and 15pcs female)
◆Yellow 20pcs-4-6mm²/AWG12-10(10pcs male and 10pcs female)

Spade 250 male and female(sami-insulated):
◆Red 20pcs-0.5-1.5mm²/AWG 22-16(10pcs male and 10pcs female)
◆Blue 20pcs-1.5-2.5mm²/AWG16-14(10pcs male and 10pcs female)
◆Yellow 20pcs-4-6mm²/AWG12-10(10pcs male and 10pcs female)

Spade 250 female (full insulated):
◆Red 20pcs-0.5-1.5mm²/AWG 22-16
◆Blue 20pcs-1.5-2.5mm²/AWG16-14
◆Yellow 10pcs-4-6mm²/AWG12-10

Package included:
◆1x wire crimping plier tool
◆1x 700pcs wire terminals connectors assortment kit
◆1x user manual

EAN: 0711102598592

Package Dimensions: 10.8 x 8.4 x 3.2 inches

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